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Amanda's Wedding

Amanda's Wedding

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Amanda is the kind of girl you love to hate: rich, thin, blonde, and vicious enough to be Satan's own PR agent. Melanie and Fran, Amanda's charmingly wisecracking old schoolfriends, simply can't believe it when Amanda manages to get herself engaged to kind, decent Fraser-Mel's old crush, and minor royalty, no less. Determined to save Fraser from a life sentence with the social-climbing Queen of Preen, Mel and Fran rally their eccentric crew of friends around them to help stop Fraser and Amanda from tying the knot with a rope that all but Fraser can see is a noose. Loaded with spot-on observations, razor-sharp wit, and entertaining characters who engage in hilariously memorable antics, AMANDA'S WEDDING is a riotously funny story of love, life...and the fine art of sabotage.

Формат: 11 см x 17,5 см.