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My Fat Brother

My Fat Brother

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Scott Barron loves his girlfriend in a we're-both-successful-and-you're-gorgeous type way.
Jes Barron loves his wife in a yes-I'm-a-chronic-under-achiever-but-look-how-happy-we-are type way.
Scott loves his fat brother Jes and Jes loves his writer brother Scott - both of them in a let's-just-leave-it-at-that type way.
Until a family tragedy strikes and suddenly, that kind of love is no longer good enough...
Childhood jealousies, long-standing resentments and some deep-seated weight-related issues all rise to the surface of the Barron boys' relationship, closely followed by a stolen penguin.
Can Scott and Jes learn to be friends as well as family? And can the boys finally discover what real love is all about?

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.