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Notes from Underground and the Double

Notes from Underground and the Double

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Alienated from society and paralyzed by a sense of his own insignificance, the anonymous narrator of Dostoyevsky's groundbreaking "Notes from Underground" tells the story of his tortured life. With bitter sarcasm, he describes his refusal to become a worker in the "ant-hill" of society and his gradual withdrawal to an existence "underground". The seemingly ordinary world of St Petersburg takes on a nightmarish quality in "The Double" when a government clerk encounters a man who exactly resembles him - his double, perhaps, or possibly the darker side of his own personality. Like "Notes from Underground", this is a masterly study of human consciousness.
Jessie Coulson's introduction discusses the stories' critical reception and the themes they share with Dostoyevsky's great novels.

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.