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The Ceo of the Sofa

The Ceo of the Sofa

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Seated in the domestic boardroom (though forbidden to put his feet on the cushions), he faces an assertive three-year-old and a freelance career writing articles like "Chewing-Mouth Dogs Bring Hope to People with Eating Disorders". Fuelled by martinis, P.J. dispenses advice to parents whose kids love the story of the dinosaurs ("Don't give away the surprise ending"); he remarks on the ludicrous share value of dotcoms; and meditates on Bill Clinton and hypocrisy ("You can't fake it"). Including a high-speed drive across India and an ongoing dialogue with The Political Nut, "The CEO of the Sofa" confirms P.J. O'Rourke as America's greatest prose comedian.

Формат издания: 11 см х 17,5 см.