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Illicit Passion

Illicit Passion

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Twenty-five year old Sarah is married to Richard Marchant, a handsome stockbroker. On the outside their marriage is perfect, an image of success, but underneath jealousy runs rampant. Richard is convinced that Sarah is having an affair, and when one night his jealous behaviour becomes worse than ever, Sarah decides to do what he's been accusing her of all along. What starts as a steamy affair with her sexy gardener quckly escalates into a full-blown addiction to various, depraved sexual acts with anyone and everyone. With her life spinning out of control she tries to restrain her passion, but with her days now submerged in orgies and sadomasochism she finds it increasingly difficult to return to her once cosy lifestyle. Each day she contemplates the reason fo her predicament, and every time she concludes that Richard is to blame for her addiction. Therefore Richard must pay the price and Sarah has the perfect way in which to exact her revenge.