The Adventure of English

The Adventure of English

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"Melvyn Bragg strides confidently through the origins and growth of English… concise as well as learned… an impressive and sage view of the big picture"

Robert Winder, New Statesman

"Always readable, often thought-provoking, and consistently entertaining"

Andrew Rosenheim, Independent

"Bragg's approachable account... gleams with little gems. It has power and clarity"

James Smart, Sunday Herald

"Intriguing... I share Bragg's linguistic egalitarianism, his respect for dialects, his sense of the expressive richness that borrowed words bring"

David Crystal, The Sunday Times

"This breathless tale of the English language is one of struggle, resilience and triumph"

Michael Cronin, Irish Times

Формат: 13 см x 20 см.