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A Scent of Lavender

A Scent of Lavender

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It's 1940 and the threat of invasion hangs over Britain. But in the isolated hamlet of Nun Ainsty it is the arrival of the Army that turns things turned upside down - especially for two young women.
Lorna Hatherwood, married to a man ten years older, lives an unexciting life. Then she volunteers to read to blind soldiers at the nearby Manor and everything changes -because of a handsome medical officer named Ewan MacMillan. As they become increasingly close, Lorna realizes it could spell disaster for them both...
Then there is Ness Nightingale. A Land Girl billeted with Lorna, Ness is trying hard to forget a disastrous love affair. But when she meets Mick Hardie, a conscientious objector, she has to remind herself that she has vowed never to trust a man again...
A captivating tale of forbidden passion and wartime friendships from the bestselling author of "The Willow Pool" and "One Summer at Deer's Leap".