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Under the Western Acacia: 5 (Ramses)

Under the Western Acacia: 5 (Ramses)

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Ramses is now fifty years old. After bringing outstanding prosperity to Egypt, he could have hoped to enjoy a serene old age. But he must still continue to rule. Above all, Ramses strives to preserve Egypt's hard-won peace, in spite of many obstacles: the Hittite Emperor exhorts him to wed his daughter under the threat of a new war; the Libyans, greedy for revenge, are rebelling. When, in his old age, the time comes for Ramses to meet his final enemy, he goes to sit in the shade of the western acacia to prepare for his last journey. Only then can the scribe Ahmeni, who has faithfully served his sovereign for the 67 years of his reign, lay down his brush.