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The Essential Tales of Chekhov

The Essential Tales of Chekhov

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Of the two hundred stories that Anton Chekhov wrote, the twenty stories that appear in this extraordinary collection were personally chosen by Richard Ford - an accomplished storyteller in his own right. Included are the familiar masterpieces - "The Kiss," "The Darling," and "The Lady with the Dog" - as well as several brilliant lesser-known tales such as "A Blunder," "Hush!," and "Champagne." These stories, ordered from 1886 to 1899, are drawn from Chekhov's most fruitful years as a short-story writer. A truly balanced selection, they exhibit the qualities that make Chekhov one of the greatest fiction writers of all time: his gift for detail, dialogue, and humor; his emotional perception and compassion; and his understanding that life's most important moments are often the most overlooked.
Exquisitely translated by the renowned Constance Garnett, these stories present a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself - or become reaquainted with - an artist whose genius and influence only increase with every passing generation.