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Doctor Criminale

Doctor Criminale

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Francis Jay is a very nineties person, streetwise but eco-friendly, smart but naive. Then he makes a fool of himself at the Booker Prize ceremony, and the Sunday newspaper that pays him collapses. Jay, however, is determined to salvage his career as a journalist, and to this end he embarks on a quest to find one of the greatest philosophers and political thinkers of the modern age.
Respected and celebrated in academic circles as he is, the myth of Doctor Bazlo Criminale proves almost impossible to penetrate. But Jay doggedly pursues this mysterious and charismatic doctor, from European congress to congress, from woman to woman and from muse to muse. Slowly the truth is revealed: if there is an archetypal man of the early nineties - it has to be Doctor Criminale.

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.