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Transforming Corporate Leadership

Transforming Corporate Leadership

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It is not enough for senior executives to be sharp, far-sighted and pro-active. To achieve leadership excellence they need to he aware of other people's motivation and the interaction between people at all levels. Apart from those rare, brilliant and natural horn leaders, most of us need to he healthily sell-critical, learn from our experience- and acquire guidance in order to ask the right questions.
Transforming Corporate Leadership will enable you to master the challenges of leadership in u world of change.
  • Understand multi-functional and cross-functional leadership.
  • Discover techniques which will enable you to combine operational leadership with strategic leadership.
  • Break the organizational mold using "leadership centers", a unique new structure to connect and direct teams.
    Re-invent your leadership skills and gain the winning edge for your organization.

    Формат: 16 см x 24 см.