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Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students

Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students

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"The Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students" is a brand-new title specifically designed to meet the needs of today's students. It is perfect for student reference and everyday study needs. The thesaurus text is accessible and easy to use, with the most useful and common synonyms placed first. Throughout the thesaurus text there are notes giving advice on commonly confused words such as imply/infer, and affect/effect. The thesaurus has been market-tested with both teachers and students. Of particular relevance is the centre supplement, which gives lots of practical information - to help students use a thesaurus and write more effectively. As well as the printed book, there is an Online Resource Centre, accessed via weblinks given in the book, which gives additional information. This portable and affordable thesaurus is an essential reference tool for all college and university students who need practical advice about language, and those who want to write effectively and with confidence.

Формат: 13,5 см х 21 см.