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Allies at War: America, Europe and the Crisis Over Iraq

Allies at War: America, Europe and the Crisis Over Iraq

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A thorough analysis of where U.S./European relations have gone wrong - and how to set them right.

We have entered a new age of political engagement, one in which the ideological schism between Europe and the United States has widened to levels not seen since World War II. While many Europeans accuse the U.S. of an overly simplistic, militaristic approach to foreign policy, Europe's reluctance to fully support U.S. efforts against hostile states such as Iraq has led to American mistrust, resentment, and anger.

Written by renowned Brookings Institution fellows Philip Gordon and Jeremy Shapiro, Allies at War examines the current state of the fragile American/European alliance including:
  • The evolution of NATO in the aftermath of the cold war.
  • Tensions exacerbated by President Bush's refusal to ratify, or even recognize, agreements considered vital in Europe.
  • Israeli/Palestinian violence, and the sharply different opinions on why it exists and how it can be stopped.

    Today's increasingly tenuous global environment cries out for reasoned analysis and reasonable answers. Allies at War provides a compelling look at the deepening division in the longstanding U.S./European alliance and presents a solid, studied framework for what must be done - soon