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Contemporary Advertising

Contemporary Advertising

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This edition of "Contemporary Advertising" commemorates the book's silver anniversary. By many measures 25 years is a very long time. Consider the world in which the first edition appeared back in 1982. President Ronald Reagan, still in his first term, was confronted with an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent, the U.S. faced a brief but severe recession, and the Berlin Wall still partitioned Germany. A more business-friendly FTC revised the definition of deceptive advertising, Sony released the first portable CD player, the film ET showed marketers the power of product placements, and Johnson & Johnson effectively used public relations to cope with a poisoning tragedy. In the world of media, Tom Brokaw moved from the Today show to the NBC news anchor desk, CNN was not yet two years old, and the primetime soap "Dallas" topped the Nielsen charts. Less than one-third of all U.S. households received cable television. The World Wide Web did not exist. Finally, in 1982 the St. Louis Cardinals were World Series champs. Well, perhaps some things don't change all that much.

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