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Got You Back

Got You Back

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The Husband.
James has been leading a double life for the past year. With a wife in one city, and a mistress in another, he's enjoying the best of both worlds. But he's about to learn that hell hath no fury like two women scorned...
The Wife.
Stephanie isn't really snooping when she finds a text message from a strange woman on her husband's mobile. But now she's found it, how can she ignore it? It's time to track the woman down and find out what's going on ...
The Mistress.
Katie has no reason to believe her boyfriend, James, is cheating until someone claiming to be his wife gets in touch. Now she's been cast in the role of mistress. Not one she's happy with...
Once Stephanie and Katie know about each other, they must decide what to do. They could both just throw him out or they could join forces to make his life hell first.
But revenge isn't always sweet. And what happens when one woman thinks enough is enough but the other doesn't know when to stop?