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Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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Journalist Nadine Morgan is restless and driven, always on the move, chasing the next big story, following risky leads and running from anything that might weigh her down. But when a young man from her hometown is beaten to death by an angry mob in Cape Town, she is flooded with memories of a time when the pull toward adventure left her grief-stricken and haunted. It is ten years since an assignment in South Africa ended in tragedy, and she has not been back to the beautiful troubled country that launched her career - and broke her heart.
Drawn to cover the murderers' trial, Nadine returns to a land struggling to heal scars left by years of hatred. Alone in a country both foreign and familiar, and surrounded by the ghosts from her past, Nadine must face the demons she has tried so hard to bury and learn what it means to love - and to forgive.

Формат: 13 см х 20 см.