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No Substitute for Victory

No Substitute for Victory

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General Douglas A. MacArthur's extraordinary life of leadership spanned three wars and more than six decades inside and outside the military. He defined principles of leadership that were decades ahead of their time: principles reflecting extraordinary wiom about strategy, motivation, organization, execution, and personal growth. Now, Theodore and Donna Kinni distill 52 powerful leadership lessons from MacArthur's life: lessons you can use, no matter what you intend to accomplish. On MacArthur's commandmillions of American soldiers risked their lives. After winning the peace in World War II, he led 80 million citizens of Japan to embrace the most radical and successful cultural change any nation has ever achieved: the transformation from militaristic emrorship to modern democracy. Those extraordinary achievements arose directly from MacArthur's singular approach to leadership. This book reveals what MacArthur knew about setting the right goals... building sleek, fast-response organizations... inspirinsubordinates to unprecedented performance... focusing relentlessly on results... pursuing personal excellence... and winning. Because there's no substitute for victory in your life, either. Define victory... and pursue it relentlessly Know exactly whayou want to achievea??and inculcate the will to achieve it Use all your weaponsa??including speed and surprise Magnify your power in war and in business You can't fight what you can't see The urgency of "personal reconnaissance" and superior intelligee "I Shall Return": The power of symbola??and personal resolve Speak the right words; then back them with the right actions After Japana??s surrender: taking command, establishing trust MacArthura??s entrance into Japan: the value of personal courage MacArthur at Inchon: Master strategist at work Build breakthrough strategies on observation, clear thinking, and realism Transforming West Point: Enduring values, constant learning Timely lessons about changing culturea??and making it stick