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China Calling: A Foot in the Global Door

China Calling: A Foot in the Global Door

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China has broadcast its message. Calling on Africa, Australia and South America for resources, on the West for support, and on the world for understanding, its role in the global hierarchy is established yet pivotal. But that communist blink in the Imperil eye should not deceive you. China has a well shod foot in the global door of capitalism. Western politicians, financiers and consumers have allowed opportunistic strategies to dominate global trade for the ultimate benefit of China. Yet the driving forcs behind China’s border and expansionary controls are often misunderstood and not fully appreciated. Mackinnon and Powell show how China is adapting its traditional values and practices to target strategic investments worldwide. Understanding China’s verydifferent approaches to problem solving permits an effective engagement with modern China as it seeks competitive advantage globally. The authors contend that both China and the West must acknowledge reciprocal and mutually beneficial obligations – if conrontation is to be averted.