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The Business Plan Is Dead

The Business Plan Is Dead

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The Business Plan Is Dead is a guide for New Economy entrepreneurs starting a business and seeking funding under $1 million. Based on the Authors experience, the book documents a proven model that rapidly raised millions of dollars in startup capital with only a few presentation slides. In order for the Author to share the funding criteria of today's investor, he developed the New Economy framework for startups. The framework has been named, The M and N Model, which defines the Magic, Market, Money, Management Team, and Network as key elements of an effective investor presentation. Entrepreneurship is a journey that takes passion and commitment. When taking any journey, effective strategy creation and implementation can make or break a business startup. In simple terms, this book provides real world experience and useful tools such as an example Private Placement Memorandum which documents the legal structure to accept investment from friends, family, or an Angel investor. The Business Plan is Dead will show you how to take the first steps towards achieving your dream, and you don t even need an MBA to get started.