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The Branding of MTV: Will Internet Kill the Video Star

The Branding of MTV: Will Internet Kill the Video Star

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There have been few brands that have made such a massive impact on the world stage in such a relatively short time-frame as MTV. It is a household name and virtually all young people, regardless of whether they have access to television, have heard of it. It is a name associated with youth and music and all areas in which the two are involved. It has dominated the market space in the category of music television since its inception and looks like it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. This book is not so much a tribute to MTV, although it deserves as much, but an analysis of how the MTV brand has been built. Global brands do not just arrive by accident - they are carefully and strategically built to match the needs of their target markets. They evolve with those target markets as lifestyles, wants, needs, attitudes, opinions, interests, and many other factors come and go. In addition, global brands successfully manage the differences across countries and cultures. MTV has managed to do all of these things with startling consistency, another attribute of great brands that stand the test of time. What is more intriguing is that it has done all this in one of the most turbulent times ever experienced in consumer markets, particularly in Asia, where change is endemic.