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Wowability: How to Achieve It and Why It Matters (I Wow)

Wowability: How to Achieve It and Why It Matters (I Wow)

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Wowability is no ordinary read. It stimulates the intellect into action and leads to a determination to exceed expectations. The concepts described in this book are the elements that will be required from all future businesses. Koichiro Naganuma President and CEO Asatsu-DK Inc. I was walking down the hallway of a client when I turned to my right and saw a redhead sitting behind a counter. Without thinking, I said "Wow!" and continued walking but several days later returned to the scene and struck up a conversation. After 40 years of marriage, I still say "Wow" to the same redhead every once in awhile. You never get a second chance to make a fi rst impression. Imran Syed's book Wowability will help you make that first impression as memorable as possible. Al Ries Author The Origin of Brands Wowability is the first time an accomplished practitioner has usefully codified the complex emotional processes of consumer brand choice. At the very least, Imran Syed has constructed the first practical algorithm for 21st century brand management. Over time Wowability will prove to be a landmark work and Imran the Maslow of our era. Andy Berlin Chairman and CEO Group United In a me-too marketplace filled with a stultifying array of brands, it is absolutely imperative that marketers exceed the expectations of their customers--in other words, WOW them. Imran Syed has created the user's manual for driving the modern day brand. Every person responsible for driving the success of a brand today should keep a copy of Wowability--How to Achieve It & Why It Matters in the proverbial glove compartment. David Verklin CEO, Carat Americas Chairman, Carat Asia Pacific The modern customer wants value for money. In this book, Imran Syed has provided a blueprint for how brands can offer value that exceeds expectations--Wowability! I strongly recommend this book to anyone who would like to take a mediocre brand into the high performance zone. WOW! Dr. H. Shanker Krishnan Associate Professor of Marketing Kelley School of Business, Indiana University