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Hot in the Pot: A Survival Guide for the REAL YOU in the Corporate World

Hot in the Pot: A Survival Guide for the REAL YOU in the Corporate World

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"By how I behave, you would think I care more about budget and schedules than people. That's not me." Barbara, project leader "It's not enough to be a solid contributor eight hours a day; work has to invade your weekends and be all encompassing." Stephanie, catalog buyer If you want to boil a frog (not that you would!), start with tepid water, where the frog will swim happily. By increasing the temperature one degree at a time, the frog will slowly adjust, but never recognize the increasing danger. Sadly, the frog will boil to death. This engaging -- and almost frightening -- analogy is Sharon Hoyle Weber's premise for Hot in the Pot. If you work in a hard-driving workplace, do you seem to check your soul at the door? Does oppressive pressure cloud your cubicle? Is everyone way too serious? Are you slowly boiling? If so, Hot in the Pot will awaken both your knowledge and senses to how the real you is boiling one degree at a time in the corporate world. Using the real-life challenges faced by a variety of corporate workers, Weber has synthesized "Twelve Principles" to help you recognize and escape the slow boil. Weber's energetic and engaging style helps you take your temperature and learn how to recover your real self at work. Use Weber's conscious balancing act to maintain your authentic, fun, and vibrant self by tossing in a few ice cubes to keep you cool!