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Cases and Materials on Employment Law

Cases and Materials on Employment Law

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Cases and Materials on Employment Law is a complete reference resource for students of employment law. Well established as the most regularly updated casebook on the market, it offers a wide range of case law and statutes along with plenty of non-statutory material, providing students with a thorough grounding in the subject. In the seventh edition the authors have provided further contextual (historical, sociological, political and economic) analysis, particularly within the area of Human Rights, so that students can fully understand how the law is shaped by external factors. Most pertinent to this is the 2006 Age Discrimination Regulations, which are fully covered, along with a full update of the section on unfair dismissal. Expanded notes, questions and diagrams throughout the text help readers to access the materials, understand key concepts, and check their progress and comprehension. These features cement this book's place as the leading cases and materials text on the market - essential reading for anyone serious about studying and understanding employment law at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Online Resource Center The book is supported by an Online Resource Center which provides updates and developments to the cases and legislation.