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Real Estate Field Manual: An Official Selling Guide (with CD-ROM)

Real Estate Field Manual: An Official Selling Guide (with CD-ROM)

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This motivational book is written to help people go directly into Real Estate sales with a specific road map. Drawing on more than 30 years of successful real estate experience, this user-friendly book is full of forms and provides new agents with a thorough overview covering everything an agent needs to succeed in this fast-paced business. Keying in on the importance of achieving balance in one's personal and business life and being savvy to time management, it introduces readers to the concepts, tools and techniques necessary for maintaining a profitable business. Written as a handbook and guide to real estate, topics covered include prospecting, converting buyers, dialogues, listings, closing techniques, Internet advertising, ad samples, disclosure, ethics and technology tips. This new edition also provides helpful information on working with FSBOs, savvy buyers/sellers and relocations. PLUS ? the CD-ROM now included with the book includes valuable checklists, documents and other useful forms and computerized tools necessary for managing a successful real estate business today.