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OM 2008 (with Review Cards and Student Website Printed Access Card)

OM 2008 (with Review Cards and Student Website Printed Access Card)

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This all started with you, in your own classrooms and hallways. Through conversations, focus groups, surveys, and interviews, we asked you to tell us how you learn. When and where you study, and? why? Some of your comments surprised us, while others didn't: "(the book is) too long" and "too expensive." Many of you said you didn't even buy books--new OR used. And then we turned to your professors for input on the solutions that you liked best: briefer chapters and flash cards. Faculty from schools across the nation joined us online and in face-to-face focus groups to enhance our student offerings. The result? To accommodate the busy and diverse lifestyles of today's learners, a less than 385-page paperback that includes a suite of learning aids, like flash cards, cases, data sets, games, and quizzes. Introducing OM, an innovative approach to teaching and learning Operations Management that is best designed to reach you: today's students. OM says it all using only two letters--and not only is it how most students abbreviate Operations Management in a text message, this is also the way it is referred to in most course catalogues. Most importantly, OM represents the new solution that you and your professors built together.