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What to do with your psychology degree (Open Up Study Skills)

What to do with your psychology degree (Open Up Study Skills)

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Whether you are planning to pursue a career within the psychology profession or wondering how best to apply the skills you have gained during your psychology studies to another vocation, this practical book will help you to explore the many avenues open to you. Based on a survey of over 400 UK psychology graduates, What to do with your Psychology Degree provides real life information on some of the many occupations and careers open to psychology graduates, ranging from jobs in health, therapy and education to private sector roles in marketing, public relations or the media. By encouraging readers to think laterally about their transferable skills, the authors outline 60 career profiles that are directly and indirectly related to the discipline of psychology. For each occupation the book outlines: The main tasks and challenges involved Personality attributes that are suited to the job Skills needed Further training and qualifications that may be required Voluntary work placement, part-time, and casual job opportunities Links to websites with further information including current vacancies For any psychology graduate, this book is the most practical resource available on career choices; whether you are embarking on your first job or looking for a change of career, this book is essential reading.