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The Consultative Approach: Partnering for Results!

The Consultative Approach: Partnering for Results!

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As a professional, you can't just apply your expertise. You need to present solutions in a way that best suits your clients. You have to work with a wide variety of people: team members, subject matter experts, top executives, and others. Working effectively with associates--while keeping an eye on budgets, schedules, and results--requires a collaborative outlook."Successful professionals today need more than technical skills-- they need to know how to foster and nourish relationships with clients. Consultative skills are essential in this process. The tools outlined in The Consultative Approach have proved to make a difference for our professionals in dealing with their clients." --Jon Olson, partner, Arthur Anderson "This book is rich, not only with specific suggestions and step-by-step instructions, but also with commentary and illustrations from [the authors'] own client organizations. It is a useful book about a very important subject." --William Bridges, president, William Bridges & Associates Working consultatively enables you to: * Know how to work effectively with all types of people * Use a strategic and collaborative communcation process * Apply your expertise in ways that show your value . . . and more! The Consultative Approach is a how-to handbook that will enable you to reap the benefits of partnering. You'll find informative case studies, easy-to-use assessment tools, enlightening exercises, and practical worksheets. Plus, you'll get flow chart planning guides and a partnering strategy action plan that will enable you to chart your communication growth. The Consultative Approach has it all! Plot your path to consultative success with this comprehensive guidebook.