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IT Strategy for Business

IT Strategy for Business

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IT Strategy for Business is a comprehensive textbook that is specially designed to meet the needs of MBA/PGDM students specializing in Systems/ IT. It would also be useful to students pursuing MBA (IT) and Master of Information Technology. The book has case studies and practical experiences of the authors in business environments that show the strategic impact of IT and business centred IT strategy development. The book gives a perfect balance between technology and business with practical insight into IT Strategies for IT companies and IT Strategies for non-IT companies. IT Strategies in specific scenarios such as Product companies, Project companies, BPO and so on would also be discussed. Topics such as E-Strategy and IT Strategies for Mergers and Acquisitions make the book useful for professionals in IT industry. _ _ _ The book also covers another important dimension of IT Strategy, the development and use of Knowledge Management and KM strategies. Techniques like balanced score cards to measure the impact of IT on business are discussed in the book. The book includes a CD containing a relevant checklist and IT strategy guidelines.