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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Dummies

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Cut through the complexities of Medicare Part D and make the choices that meet your needs Confused by Medicare's drug coverage? This consumer-friendly guide explains Part D in plain English and shows you how to find the best deal among numerous plan options. Whether you're new to Medicare or already in the program, you'll navigate the system more easily and confidently, avoid pitfalls and scams -- and choose the plan that's right for you! * Decide whether you need Part D -- find out whether it affects any drug coverage you already have and weigh the consequences of going without coverage * Choose and enroll in the best plan for you -- compare plans to find the one that covers your drugs at the least cost and sign up at the right time * Get up and running with Part D -- minimize your expenses, use the "right" pharmacies, and troubleshoot any problems with your coverage Open the book and find: * Details of how Part D works, from costs to coverage * Ways to get extra help paying for drugs if your income is limited * Step-by-step guidance on how to compare drug plans * Tips on handling the coverage gap * Practical advice on lowering your drug costs * Clear instructions for joining and switching plans * Rules and rights that apply to people in long-term care * Procedures for challenging plan decisions