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EJournal Access and Management (Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science)

EJournal Access and Management (Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science)

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Get practical management strategies from experts in the field The impact of the growth of ejournals on library collections is tremendous. Ejournal Access and Management takes a comprehensive look at how ejournals have changed the library landscape and offers librarians strategies to better manage them. This useful resource provides a broad overview of the practical and theoretical issues associated with the management of electronic journals along with illustrative case studies of practices in individual libraries. Respected authorities present helpful information on a full range of issues dealing with electronic resource access and management, including bibliographic and web access, acquisitions, and licensing. Ejournal Access and Management also discusses in detail the past, present, and future of various aspects of ejournals. The book provides a helpful review of the present technology and its impact on libraries, and then goes into detail about collection policies, the decline of print journals, and making the journey from print to electronic. Electronic resource management systems, staffing, and workflow issues are explored in depth. Topics discussed in Ejournal Access and Management include: licensing ejournal packages descriptive and subject cataloging web access usage statistics electronic resource management and ERMs acquisitions collection development budgeting staffing technical services management MARC institutional repositories open access digitization and preservation OpenURL and link resolvers copyright issues Ejournal Access and Management is a valuable resource for librarians, electronic resource librarians, technical services librarians, systems librarians, and library administrators.