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Africa in World Politics: Reforming Political Order

Africa in World Politics: Reforming Political Order

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In this fully revised edition top scholars in African politics address the effects that major currents in Africa and world politics have upon each other and explore the ramifications of this interconnection for contemporary theories of international and comparative politics. The fourth edition focuses on issues of reforming and strengthening states and their economies in sub-Saharan Africa. The nation-state as we know it is a legacy of European rule in Africa, and the primacy of the nation-state remains a bedrock of most contemporary theories of international relations. Yet in the fifth decade of Africa’s independence, this colonial inheritance has been challenged as never before by state weakness, internal and inter-state conflict, and internal and external demands for economic and political reform, with potentially far-reaching implications. Including new readings on the AIDS crisis in Africa and the regional war on terrorism, this text remains an invaluable resource for students of African and world politics. ContentsPart One: Introduction 1. Intimations of an African Renaissance, New Gains, Long Term Challenges (John W. Harbeson, City University of New York) Part Two: Historical Parameters 2. The Heritage of Colonialism (Crawford Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison) 3. Africa and the World Political Economy: Still Caught Between a Rock and Hard Place (Thomas M. Callaghy, University of Pennsylvania) 4. Africa and Other Civilizations: Conquest and Counter Conquest (Ali A. Mazrui, SUNY Binghamton) Part Three: Africa’s States and State Systems: Reinvention and Reconstruction 5. Democratization and Africa’s Weak States (John W. Harbeson, City University of New York) 6. The AIDS Crisis: International Relations and Governance (Alan Whiteside, University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, Anokhi Parikh Overseas Development Institute) 7. In Pursuit of Authority: Civil Society and Rights-Based Discourses (Aili Mari Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison) 8. The Privatization of Africa’s International Relations (William Reno, Northwestern University) 9. Inter-African Negotiations and Reforming Political Order (I. William Zartman, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies) Part Four: Global Involvement in Africa: Parameters of Commitment, Obligation, Capability and Responsibility 10. US Role in Promoting Peaceful African Relations (Donald Rothchild, University of California-Davis) 11. China's Engagement in Africa: Scope, Significance, and Consequences (Denis M. Tull) 12. Euro-African Relations in the Age of Maturity (Gilbert M. Khadiagala, University of the Witwatersrand) 13. The War on Terrorism in Africa (Princeton N. Lyman, Council on Foreign Relations) 14. Reconciling Sovereignty with Responsibility (Francis M. Deng, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies)