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The Power of a Positive Attitude: Discovering the Key to Success

The Power of a Positive Attitude: Discovering the Key to Success

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Attitude affects every facet of our lives—from the way we handle stress to how we communicate at work. The way we view difficulties and setbacks can make the difference between success and failure. Roger Fritz has devoted his career to helping peopleercome obstacles and achieve their goals by changing their outlook on life. In The Power of a Positive Attitude, he shows readers how to develop a deeper understanding of the effects of their attitude and how it influences not only their performance but tresults others achieve. Now, readers can learn to succeed in business by:
• assessing their attitude toward themselves and their co-workers
• overcoming nega­tive attitudes
• learning the dos and don’ts in dealing with their bosses
• becoming ber listeners
• overcoming resistance to change in the workplace
• rejecting suggestions without causing resentment
• giving and responding to criticism from team members
• disagreeing with employees and colleagues without being disagreeable
• conring burnout and stress.
Life-affirming and authoritative, this is an invaluable book that will empower anyone to face life and work with joy and confidence.