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Manarin on Money

Manarin on Money

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Most people I meet are confused about money in some way. I can t blame them, writes Roland Manarin in this engaging, honest, and inspirational guide to recognizing and avoiding common mistakes that rob so many of their financial peace of mind.Everywhere you turn, headlines shout at you, about the best investments and the right way to invest (and you d better hurry or you might miss out on a good thing!); or about the financial crisis-du-jour that we re assured could bring about the end of Western civilization.Manarin has been teaching people the basics of money and investing for over three decades, urging them to identify and control their worst instincts; ignore the investment hype and media noise; focus on the long term; buy when everyone else is selling, and sell when everyone else is buying.Now he has brought together in this book all he s learned and observed about human behavior and misbehavior around money. Manarin On Money is the story of his immigrant rags-to-riches journey; a tutorial with stories about the common misconceptions people have about how wealth is built and maintained; a warning that some safe investments can be quite risky and some supposedly risky investments can be quite safe; and a manifesto for the liberation of the individual investor from an investment industry that continues to put its interests ahead of the public s.You don t need a degree in economics to understand the concepts Manarin teaches and writes about. You may be surprised to learn that conventional wisdom, such as paying off your mortgage, may actually keep you from letting your money work as hard for you as it can.Something in this book could change your life by helping you make a good choice or avoid a bad one, steering you away from struggle and anxiety, and toward security and independence.