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Floral Design Ideas

Floral Design Ideas

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Flowers are an integral element of the experience at Hotel Arts. The abundant displays of flowers throughout the hotel offer living art which compliments the artwork itself which is one of the most varied Spanish contemporary private art collections.
Flower design at Hotel Arts greatly enhances the hotel experience. From the playfulness of Orchid blooms resembling butterflies to the refined angle of the Arum Lily, a multitude of fresh flowers in different shades and forms change weekly and with the seasons.
We are blessed with a dedicated flower team, led by Donna Stain, who is an expert in her field, and whose passion for her work has led to a greatly enhanced hotel experience for both staff and guests.
Over the years Hotel Arts has won numerous awards for service excellence and the flowers that grace our hallways, restaurants, guestrooms and outdoor areas are another element of the unique and innovative quality of service that we provide to our guests: sophisticated elegance with a personal touch.
It is with great pleasure that I present this book: a celebration of floral design at Hotel Arts Barcelona and the way in which flowers add a special and unique touch wherever they are present.

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