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Global Brand Shop Windows Design

Global Brand Shop Windows Design

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This book is intending to introduce a pure visualization to readers, covering most trendy cities shop windows design in the world, from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, to China (Hong Kong). Apart from internationally known brands, we can find also local brands which are more lively and creative in their designs.
Besides, this book is expressed in a visual point of view, where the shooting of photography is more focus in space and details of the shop windows. A very clear vision is shown rather than a theoretically way of tool book reading. Readers can be benefit from these features such as colour harmony, lighting design, mannequins and details, special design of display tools and application. I do hope this book would be helpful to visual communication professionals and those who dedicate in the display design career. Inspiration and invention through this book is the main aim to target. The foundation of east meets west elements we learned, we would becoming more aggressive and cerative in the international visual display art in the nearest future.