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Websites 2

Websites 2

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Everybody's on the internet. There's no other place or medium where images and projections of the self can be presented almost without limitations.
The possibilities are endless, it seems, and this makes the World Wide Web the most exciting and fast-moving medium. The latest aesthetic tendencies, new communication codes and visual languages are always to be found on the net first. It's quite simply the world's biggest creative playground.
Millions of busy homepage-providers ensure an immediateness that no other medium can match. Technically, the only limitation is the fact that a homepage has to function quickly and to be comprehensible. Images, typography, music, design, films and animation - it's all at the disposal of the creative mind. The World Wide Web is also the world's most democratic medium.
Thus, anyone who wants to find out about the current state of graphic design, music, art and all other fields of creativity needs no more than a computer and internet access.
Once again, we've searched the web for some of the most inventive, creative and original sites. So here it is, the sequel to the bestselling first "websites".
It has been made possible by the support of all the providers and designers who were willing to contribute, and we've included their contact information wherever possible to round off the picture.
We thought of calling it "Revenge of the website" or "Return of the website", but then we just settled for plain old "websites 2".