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QUANTUM ETHICS- How Corporations Hoodwink and Exploit the Public---And how to stap on top of this game

QUANTUM ETHICS- How Corporations Hoodwink and Exploit the Public---And how to stap on top of this game

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Life is all about making choices. And in real Life there are two very clear and distinct opposing choices. Since times immemorial, Man has been exposed to good and evil. When Adam disobeyed God by accepting the fruit from Eve, he chose evil over good. As about our Life has progressed, we see moral dilemmas ahead of us. At every corner and bend of our Life Road, we encounter unambigious good and bad choices. Ethics, whether they are good or bad, influence an individual's Life and affect all his Life relationships. This book is about what has gone wrong in our World and how large corporations have systematically raped and controlled the thought the Thought and Life Energy of the common man. This book starts out by recommending some basic codes of conduct. It then moves on to discussing the general meaning of business ethics. It moves forward to study corporate actions and behavior. The book then delves into what is at risk. Globalization and sustainability are the two key challenges facing the human being. And both these issues are intimately linked to current ethical practices. With the globalization of world trade and financial services, the world has indeed become a small electronic village. Actions in one part of the world create an equal and opposite reaction at the other end of the globe. The challenge of Quantum Ethics is to live an honest yet successful Life. Such Life is primarily defined as one involving serving others interests before one's own---- working diligently and ethically to provide sustainability for future generations. It is possible to be successful and ethical; individuals, businesses and large corporations must work together to make this dream of Global Ethics possible. May this book be a small but valuable step in your journey towards achieving excellence in the field of Quantum Ethics.