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More Money for Retirement Right Now

More Money for Retirement Right Now

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By unlocking the equity you have in your "hidden assets," you can free-up cash to build more wealth and create immediate income. Discover how to solve many financial problems and enhance your standard of living. Whether you're retired, nearing retirement or many years away, this exciting book reveals how to: - Turn your "hidden assets" into cash. Create income immediately from assets you previously ignored. - Free up funds for other opportunities. - Use leverage to turn assets into cash (for you to use) and receive a guarantee not available elsewhere. - Supplement your income from Social Security, a pension plan or investments. - Provide financial stability in the event of a long-term illness or nursing home stay. - Ensure you will not outlive your savings. - Maximize your financial resources - to provide for your own financial security and independence. One of the most prevailing issues today is that of creating and properly allocating assets for the needs of retirement income. As you reflect upon your future retirement needs, the debate over Social Security, the changing landscape of employer provided pensions, and economic swings in the global environment, it will become increasingly evident that you will have a larger role to play in your financial future. In order to fully enjoy a quality retirement, you may find that you are in search of financial strategies and options to provide more money for your retirement. Due to the current environment of our aging population, focus has centered on the need for retirement income planning. This book is written for those who want to take control of their financial situation- to maximize their financial resources - to provide for their own financial security and independence. This book is full of creative wealth building ideas, coupled with unique financial strategies that attend to that need. You'll find out how to build wealth more rapidly and how to create new "income streams." Author and Certified Financial Planner practitioner Bill Griffith, Jr., CFP has been providing specialized strategies and services for ensuring long-term financial security and independence for many years. He is known for having expertise in Retirement Income and Distribution Planning. He specializes in designing income strategies that seek to provide predictable and sustainable retirement income. The goal of this book is to provide you with an overview of the basic components that are incorporated into these financial strategies. After reading this book, you will know how these strategies can enhance your income, how they compare to the traditional sources of retirement income, the pros and cons, issues of taxation, the type of individual to whom each strategy may appeal, suitability, how each should function and the impact of each strategy. You can make More Money for Retirement Right Now - once you understand how!