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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

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You learned to give a great massage or teach a great yoga class, but did anyone show you how to get more clients and students? Did anyone show you how to leverage your networks, advertise online and off and create multiple streams of passive income wit NO investment? The Spiritual Entrepreneur is a manual to help people learn to balance spirituality, business and money. This easy to use manual will show you how to; **Develop multiple streams of passive income **Use Other People's Money and Other Peple's Resources to build your business **Use the most efficient types of income to help you accomplish your goals **Get started quickly, efficiently and inexpensively **Use Digital Downloads to create passive income **Market your new business online and ofline **Develop a large network and then leverage that network to work for you **Know the difference between a job and a business **Use your new business to fund your charities and help change the world! Originally written for holistic healers and teachrs, this simple manual can help you to start a small business with no investment and then use that business to help others.