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The Road to Credit Repair

The Road to Credit Repair

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What makes this book different from all other books on credit repair, debt reduction, and building wealth is that it is a self-help book which identifies with those who are in a bad situation with no hope of survival. Deborah Dennis has been there, and as such, is qualified to show you how to Just Do It. Through the sharing of her experiences and successes, you will be led across a journey of turning your debt into a positive net. The Road to Credit Repair, unlike other books on the subject, starts with identifying the effects of credit on debt, provides a comprehensive understanding of credit score improvement techniques, debt reduction, and real estate investing and leveraging techniques so that the reader will be empowered to convert hard times to good times. With the adoption of positive thinking, the reader will have the ability to maintain their renewed credit and build wealth using this one source. Deborah teaches readers the three goals for this book: to educate you; to empower you; and to inspire you. This book is a one of a kind and essential for the individual who is serious about changing their lifestyle for the better. Why should you share this book with a relative and a friend? A book of the caliber of The Road to Credit Repair is a necessity for anyone during these hard economic times. Not only does it offer a solution for alleviating debt which continuously grows from the need to live off of credit cards and loans just to make ends meet on a daily basis, but it motivates and restores hope that the situation is only temporary. It is a factual accounting of how Deborah Dennis, through faith and ingenuity, escaped bankruptcy, renewed her credit, and turned her debt into a positive net in record time. It is an inspiration for those caught in a dead-end job situation, needing both wisdom and encouragement to start self-employment. Since readers will be able to identify with the hard times and issues that the author faced successfully, The Road to Credit Repair is destined to be a bestseller.