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Colorado Employer's Guide

Colorado Employer's Guide

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The Colorado Employer s Guide is an authoritative and accessible book that provides the 'lay of the land' about employment law. The Guide integrates federal and Colorado laws that affect the employer-employee relationship, making it a valuable resource for business owners, managers, and human resource professionals.The Colorado Employer s Guide is written and updated annually by an employment law attorney. We have eliminated legal jargon, offering clear and concise explanations of today s complex labor laws, regulations, and court decisions. Relevant state and federal agencies are listed at the end of each chapter, along with citations for the information discussed. Chapter headings are:;Hiring;Managing Employees and Personnel Costs;Termination of Employment;Health and Safety;Employment Discrimination;Wages, Hours, and Child Labor;Employee Benefits and Leave;Personnel Records;Workplace Privacy;Unions and Government ContractorsWritten from an employer s point of view, this 1st Edition of the Colorado Employer s Guide includes discussion of these and other current topics:;New federal minimum wage rate information, as well as Colorado Minimum Wage Order 24 (effective January 1, 2008);Discussion of Colorado Labor Peace Act and its unique features, as well as Colorado laws requiring leave for adoptive parents, crime victims, volunteer firefighters, and military personnel;Discussion of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on age discrimination claims, lawsuits by 401(k) plan participants, arbitration agreements, and more;Discussion of the Colorado Wage Transparency Act, which gives employees the right to disclose and discuss their wages;Discussion of the E-Verify system and increased penalties for employers that violate federal immigration law;Discussion of Colorado laws on security breach notifications, destruction of records, and use of Social Security numbers;Discussion of the new I-9 employment verification form and Colorado law requiring employers to verify the legal status of new hires