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Automotive Workplace Guide to EPA and OSHA

Automotive Workplace Guide to EPA and OSHA

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Our 15th Edition of the Guide is unique - a book to help an employer control health, safety, and environmental problems in a shop environment. The Automotive Workplace Guide to EPA and OSHA is designed for automobile dealerships with repair facilities, car rental agencies, paint and body shops, and other workplaces with hazardous waste and safety concerns.The Guide focuses on commonly violated federal and state environmental health, safety, and hazardous waste laws. It lists the top 20 federal OSHA violations and it helps a company determine its waste generator status with EPA.The Guide addresses OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (Employee-Right-to-Know), which is one of the most commonly cited OSHA standards, and a standard for which employers pay the most in annual fines and penalties.Updates and improvements in the Guide include:Discussion of EPA's Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure regulations, including discussion of the revisions that become effective in October, 2007 Expanded OSHA information on asbestos in brake and clutch work, carbon monoxide, lock-out/tag-out, electrical safety-related work practices, assigned protection factors in respiratory protection, and more.New information on the requirements for transporting used oilNew regulatory requirements pertaining to cathode ray tubesDiscussion of regulatory changes that allow for expanded use of the simpler Form A for TRI reporting, including a sample Form A and Form RAdditional information on mercury containing equipment in the automotive industryNew information on RCRA inspections and enforcement actions.