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Marketing Research for Non-profit, Community and Creative Organizations

Marketing Research for Non-profit, Community and Creative Organizations

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This book will have two purposes. First, the book will educate readers on how research can be used to help their organization more effectively reach its goals. Second, it will educate the reader on how to conduct different methods of research and use the findings to improve their product, find customers and develop effective promotion. Textbooks on nonprofit marketing do teach students marketing theory and practice. However these books often only have a chapter or less on marketing research. As a result of this approach, even if the students gain an understanding of product development, segmentation approaches and promotion methods, they do not know how to conduct the research which would provide the information necessary for making any marketing decision. This book will be useful for managers of small nonprofit, creative, and community organizations as many do not have business experience. While there are books to help them learn marketing, there are no books available that focus on research.* A unique book focusing on research methods for the nonprofit community* Shows how to conduct a range of methods to improve performance* Takes the reader through a step by step process