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Business Expense Log (2009)

Business Expense Log (2009)

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Anyone who uses a car, travels away from home, entertains, or makes a gift for business reasons needs to substantiate the expense in order to claim a tax deduction. The first rule of substantiation is good recordkeeping and CCH's Business Expense Log provides business taxpayers with a convenient way of meeting the recordkeeping requirements. CCH's Business Expense Log is an extremely effective handout for all manner of professionals and businesses, including financial advisers, tax preparers, auto sales and service companies, and leasing providers. Clients and customers who have to keep a record of their daily business expenses will appreciate receiving a copy of CCH's Business Expense Log, which makes expense recordkeeping painless by providing a convenient and easy-to-use place to track expenses and by clearly explaining the rules. The handy format is perfect for carrying in the pocket, brief case, or glove compartment. Updated and published annually, CCH's Business Expense Log includes: - Overview of recordkeeping and basic travel and entertainment deduction rules - Diary pages for tracking auto mileage and expenses, monthly recap sheets, and reimbursement tracking sheets - Explanation of how to determine the basis of a car used for business purposes to compute allowable depreciation deductions - Explanation of allowable depreciation deduction for computers and handy computer time log sheets to facilitate such deduction. - Sample filled-in diary expenses