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Individual Tax Answer Book (2009) (Answer Books)

Individual Tax Answer Book (2009) (Answer Books)

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The Individual Tax Answer Book is designed as a one-stop resource for the tax professional who deals with individuals and their tax issues. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer or tax return preparer, whether you are preparing a client s 2008 return or helping your client plan for the 2009 tax year, this book will provide you with comprehensive and straight-forward answers to the most vexing tax questions that arise in connection with individual clients. For example, the book will put at your fingertips the answers to such questions as: - Is your client eligible to set up a health savings account? - When does dividend income qualify for favorable capital gain taxation? - When might a Form 1099 show more income than a client might actually have to report? - When does a loan create phantom taxable income for the borrower? - Is the $250,000/$500,000 home sale exclusion available when a home is also used for business purposes? - What is a qualified exchange accommodation arrangement and how can it benefit your client? - What are the new substantiation requirements for charitable donations? - What options are open to clients when they are unable to pay their tax liabilities? - Is your client s child subject to the newly expanded kiddie tax? - How can you utilize the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate to resolve a client s tax problem? - Can a self-employed client switch to a fiscal tax year? - Which types of tax-sheltered retirement plans are available to the self-employed? The appendices contain a tax calendar for use in 2009. The calendar provides key filing and payment deadlines for tax purposes. Also included in the appendices are key tax facts and checklists for preparing 2008 returns.