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php|architect's PHP Job Hunter's Handbook

php|architect's PHP Job Hunter's Handbook

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Learn the secrets to landing that perfect PHP job and managing your PHP career with this comprehensive job hunting guide from php|architect. As the only one of its kind, this book is the job reference for any PHP developer, consultant, or even those looking to get in to the PHP job market. Written by the man behind Webdevradio and long time programmer, Michael Kimsal, this book covers just about everything you'll need to know, including: - Finding a Full Time Job - Training and Certification - Contracting and Freelancing - Applicable Technologies You Should Know - Interviewing Tips and Tricks - Advice from Those Doing the Hiring - Advice from Fellow PHP Developers If you're looking for a change, or are looking to actively manage your PHP career, then this is definitely a book you want to keep on your shelf.