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Pure Soapbox...a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor

Pure Soapbox...a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor

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Pure Soapbox is neither a recycled collection of cliches and mantras destined to attract dust on the coffee table, nor a binding of band-aid therapy doomed to be rapidly replaced by the next solution for self-help and sanity! Instead, this timely debut defies categorization and has surfaced as an interactive resource to inspire readers of every walk of life, urging them to examine life's journey and create a path of joyful participation and gratifying purpose. In Pure Soapbox, Kimberlie Dykeman uses well-known quotes and aphorisms to engage and inspire her readers. In a thoughtful, and often humorous way, Kimberlie comments and opens up common wisdom to reveal new insights and wondrous avenues for new explorations of how to be exactly who you want to be. She pulls from sources as diverse as John Quincy Adams and John Lennon and transforms bite-sized gems into powerful forward-thinking life lessons. Using a conversational writing style, Kimberlie soapboxes a vivid picture of an attainable life beyond society s bigger-better-faster demands. She offers a practical approach to life and reinforces the fact that attitude is everything, and when facing life s challenges, humor goes a long way! Pure Soapbox delivers a call-to-action that no one can ignore: Try more, do more, be more, love more! Carpe diem...and bring a helmet!