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Diversity In Our Workplace

Diversity In Our Workplace

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Diversity in our Workplace reflects the mission of your workplace to deliver quality service while creating a diverse workplace environment. While this poetic little book is fun and enjoyable to read, it actually represents the major commitment that organizations have to ensure that respect and fair treatment is shown to ALL employees regardless of their race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status. Great for use in conjuction with Diversity Training, New Hire Training, and/or Management Training. Diversity In Our Workplace is one of the 5 books in the Poetic Book Series. The book series is geared towards group and individual treatment programs, government, business and community organizations, and those seeking inspiration, empowerment and education. The books are designed to inspire those who are challenged by depression, frustration and lack of readily available resources. Readers can expect to be enlightened and prepared to approach personal and professional goals. Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson has made the series available for everyone. The Poetic Book Series are short, fun-to-read, illustrated poems that promote diversity, unity, understanding, love, and appreciation in our schools, workplaces and in our world. Purchase one or more of these books for each member of your school, group, or organization. Great gifts for educators, parents, employees, and community members or anyone who has a genuine interest in our youth. While the Poetic Book Series was written with adults in mind, the rhyming words and child-like illustrations that portray the empowering messages make them perfect for educators and librarians to read groups of students followed by an educational discussion with the students. Students will enjoy being involved in an intellectual discussion based on the creatively written inspirational messages found in the Poetic Book Series.