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Moving From Promise to Performance

Moving From Promise to Performance

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The subtitle of this book says it all! This book truly is an owner's manual for better results. Each chapter stands alone as a tool, technique or simple process that will help you get what you want in your professional or personal life. Big claim? Sure it is. Ask yourself this: do you know whether you are leading or managing? Do you know which is right to do and when? If you're not sure or if you want to find out...read chapter one. Want to hire someone? Maybe you should remember that it is usually better to have ignorance on fire than brilliance on ice (chapter 2). Or, would you like to learn the one question that you can ask in a meeting that will focus the energy in the room in a positive and laser-like way? ...that would be chapter seven. Or how about he worst word in the world? It is undoubtedly part of your vocabulary right now. It is the one word guaranteed to hurt the people you work with, yourself or even the people you live with in ways you weren't even aware of. Each of the 16 chapters and the conclusion are gems of practical easy-to-implement ideas. One chapter's idea alone would be worth much more than the price of the book. No wonder best-selling author Stephen Covey calls Tim Durkin one of the most amazing people he has ever met. Get this book only if you want better results in a hurry.