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Managing Business & Project Recovery

Managing Business & Project Recovery

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The universe is hostile to the success of your business and projects! Follow the best practices for avoiding business and project failures, and implement a unique methodology for managing recovery of troubled or runaway projects. The best practices serve as windows into the world of successful Project Management and the AIMC Recovery Methodology along with its A10C Processes presents a structured and proven approach for managing recovery. Successful project recovery is achieved through dedicated customer focus, committed sponsorship, trusting relationships, outstanding teamwork and continuous improvement. A failed recovery, on the other hand, points to one or more of the following ten failures in the organization: Failure to Accept the fact, Failure to Assess the project, Failure to Adapt project objectives to business needs, Failure to Assign responsibilities and delegate, Failure to Achieve goals by setting targets, Failure to Act consistently and decisively, Failure to Advance the project through communications, Failure to Accomplish stability for turnover, Failure to Alter project direction through effective transition, and Failure to Align for on-going project execution. Failure is not an option! You can prevent project failures: develop skills and competencies of a Project Recovery Manager, apply the best practices, and integrate the methods and processes presented in this book into your organization's environment and practices.